26 August 2009

Where The Circle Ends.


I arrived into New Delhi in the bright brisk early morning. I made my way across the main street without hesitation as the oncoming cars, barreling towards me, slowly stopped.
Passing the sleeping dogs and cows that lay guarding many of the closed store fronts, I entered into Paharganj, walking down the empty, yet smelly, Main Bazaar strip, hearing the unique holler of the morning chai wallah echoing from the side alleyways.

For some odd reason it felt like camp, an ironic sensation-association that contradicted what I had declared 4weeks ago in the same area.
The cool morning, the still and quiet-emptiness, the faint yet distinct smell of burning firewood cooking breakfast… These are sensations that I so confidently defined as ‘Camp Only’ sensations; my sense doors triggering my associated defined experiences of the past, and clashing with the present.
I wasn’t camping or at a camp ground, so how could I be experiencing these sensations in India?
An example of conditioned thoughts being ‘reprogrammed’ through direct experience…

I think I’m tired from the train ride… that or I’m just crazy and letting my mind catch up from not talking for 10-days. A little bit of both, perhaps.

I checked into the Cottage Yes Please, and began the conclusion of my trip.

(Where The Circle Ends - Thursday)

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